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A brand style guide is crucial to the success of any branding project. But many companies don’t have them, or their existing ones aren’t very good—so we created this template to help solve that problem!

It provides a set of guidelines for any brand communication: rules about official logo usage, font type, colour scheme and more.

The brand guide helps your client feel more confident about using the brand identity, and it also gives web designers/other designers a template for implementing the look correctly.


  • ZIP file containing an Adobe Illustrator file
  • Prompts and descriptions on each page
  • 22 Pages (16:9 Landscape)
  • Table of Contents
  • Logo suite breakdown & usage
  • Incorrect Usage
  • Fonts & Hierarchy
  • Colour Palette
  • Brand assets & illustrations
  • Social Media
  • Mockups

How to use:

Download Google Font: Jost
Adobe Illustrator – Basic knowledge of the software to tweak and edit templates.


There are no refunds for digital template purchases under any circumstances. All products are on (ONE editable layer)
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Introducing the Essential Brand Style Guide Template

Your ultimate solution to creating a successful and cohesive brand identity for any branding project. A well-crafted brand style guide is crucial for establishing consistency across all brand communications, but many companies either lack one or have a subpar version. Our template addresses this problem, offering a comprehensive and customizable foundation for your unique branding needs.

The Essential Brand Style Guide Template includes:

  1. ZIP file containing an Adobe Illustrator file: Customize this 22-page (16:9 Landscape) template featuring prompts and descriptions on each page to create a tailored brand style guide for your specific project.
  2. Table of Contents: An organized overview of the included sections for easy navigation and reference.
  3. Logo Suite Breakdown & Usage: Guidelines detailing the proper use of the official logo across various platforms and media.
  4. Incorrect Usage: Examples showcasing what to avoid when using the logo, ensuring brand consistency and recognition.
  5. Fonts & Hierarchy: Clear instructions on selecting and implementing the appropriate font type and hierarchy for consistent brand communication.
  6. Colour Palette: A well-defined outline of the official colour scheme for maintaining brand consistency across all channels.
  7. Brand Assets & Illustrations: Guidelines on the usage of diverse brand elements and illustrations for effective visual communication.
  8. Social Media: Best practices for implementing the brand identity on various social media platforms.
  9. Mockups: Visual demonstrations of the brand identity applied across different contexts and media.

Reasons to buy and use the Essential Brand Style Guide Template:

  1. Ensure Brand Consistency: A comprehensive style guide promotes a consistent visual language across all brand touchpoints, strengthening brand recognition and credibility.
  2. Boost Client Confidence: Providing your client with a detailed brand style guide instills trust and confidence in the brand identity, empowering them to use it effectively and consistently.
  3. Streamline Implementation: Clear guidelines enable web designers and other creatives to correctly apply the brand identity across various platforms and channels.
  4. Save Time and Effort: Leverage the pre-designed template to quickly create a professional brand style guide without starting from scratch.
  5. User-Friendly: With basic knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, easily customize the template to suit your specific branding needs.

How to use the Essential Brand Style Guide Template:

  1. Download the required Google Font (Jost) from the provided link.
  2. Ensure you have Adobe Illustrator installed and are familiar with its basic functionalities.
  3. Download and extract the ZIP file to access the Adobe Illustrator template.
  4. Open the Adobe Illustrator file and customize the template with your brand identity elements and guidelines.
  5. Save and export your completed brand style guide for sharing with clients and designers.

Please note that there are no refunds for digital template purchases under any circumstances. All products come with one editable layer. If you need assistance with your purchase, please contact [email protected].

Elevate your branding projects with the Essential Brand Style Guide Template – the ideal tool for crafting a consistent, professional, and effective brand identity that resonates with your target audience.


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