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Our brand designer starter bundle is perfect for starting your brand design business. You will find inspiration and guidance while talking to leads, onboarding clients and doing project work for your new clients! Here is what our bundle includes:


The first step in designing a brand identity is to develop its strategy. This template helps you and your client identify the brand’s core beliefs, creating an awareness that will guide both parties throughout the process!

Once you understand who your audience is, what they want and how to position yourself against competitors, then it’s a lot easier to figure out what kind of design will appeal most strongly.


24-page Adobe Illustrator file
Brand story
Brand values
Brand personality
Character map
Value proposition
Brand tone
Brand Archetype
Target audience
Customer persona
Customer persona
Golden Circle
Competitor analysis
Moodboard & creative direction
Brand assets


This customizable brand designer welcome studio guide will help you get clients on-boarded quickly and easily after the contract and estimate are accepted. It includes the following steps for your project and FAQs that can answer common questions.

This document can also show the client a breakdown of the package they are getting and how we plan to communicate on the client portal. When you have all information in one place, your clients will feel at ease and confident about the steps involved with your streamlined process.


ZIP file containing an Adobe Illustrator file
Prompts and descriptions on each page
6 Pages (16:9 Landscape)
Next Steps
Your Package


Our invoice and estimate templates are ready-made and designed to help you speed up the estimate and invoice process. You can customize the templates with your business information, so they’re all yours.

All you will need is general knowledge of Adobe Illustrator. Export your designs as a PDF for easy sharing with your clients! The client can review the material and click on the link in the template.


ZIP file containing an Adobe Illustrator and PDF file
Estimate & Invoice Customer and Business fields
Itemized package fields
Subtotal, Tax and Total fields
Bank info field
Terms and Conditions field
Button to “PAY NOW” (can be linked to an external site)


A brand style guide is crucial to the success of any branding project. But many companies don’t have them, or their existing ones aren’t perfect—so we created this template to help solve that problem!

It provides guidelines for any brand communication: rules about official logo usage, font type, colour scheme and more.

The brand guide helps your client feel more confident about using the brand identity and gives web designers/other designers a template for implementing the look correctly.


ZIP file containing an Adobe Illustrator file
Prompts and descriptions on each page
22 Pages (16:9 Landscape)
Table of Contents
Logo suite breakdown & usage
Incorrect Usage
Fonts & Hierarchy
Colour Palette
Brand assets & illustrations
Social Media


Our Studio Guide is a document that we send to our leads after they have requested a quote. It briefly introduces the team behind your studio and highlights the process you use when working with clients.

The Studio Guide establishes a human connection between you and your potential employee – one that can be very helpful when you meet in person for the first time.

It also helps answer common questions about design work, helping to make sure expectations are aligned before any work begins.


10-page Adobe Illustrator file
Meet the team
Our design process
Plans & pricing
Consultation call

How to use:

Download Google Font: Jost
Adobe Illustrator – Basic knowledge of the software to tweak and edit templates.


There are no refunds for digital template purchases under any circumstances. All products are on (ONE editable layer)
If you need help with your purchase, please contact [email protected]


Introducing the Brand Designer Starter Template Bundle

The ultimate solution for launching your brand design business. With a plethora of valuable resources and templates, this bundle will provide you with inspiration, guidance, and direction while talking to leads, onboarding clients, and delivering top-notch projects for your new clientele.

Our Brand Designer Starter Bundle includes the following:

1. BRAND STRATEGY & CREATIVE DIRECTION: A comprehensive 24-page Adobe Illustrator template designed to help you and your client identify the brand’s core beliefs, positioning, and target audience. This resource will act as a guiding light throughout the branding process.

2. BRAND DESIGNER WELCOME STUDIO GUIDE: A customizable 6-page Adobe Illustrator template that streamlines the client onboarding process, showcasing the package breakdown and communication plan. It also includes an FAQ section to address common client concerns.

3. INVOICE AND ESTIMATE TEMPLATE: Professionally designed Adobe Illustrator and PDF templates to simplify and expedite the estimate and invoice process, allowing you to focus on what matters most: delivering exceptional brand design.

4. BRAND STYLE GUIDE: A 22-page Adobe Illustrator template designed to help you create a comprehensive brand style guide that ensures consistency and professionalism across all brand communication touchpoints.

5. BRAND DESIGNER STUDIO GUIDE: A 10-page Adobe Illustrator template to introduce your brand design business to potential clients, including an overview of your team, design process, testimonials, plans, pricing, and FAQs.

Reasons to buy and use the Brand Designer Starter Bundle:

1. Save Time and Effort: This all-in-one bundle saves you the time and effort of creating templates and resources from scratch, allowing you to focus on growing your brand design business.

2. Streamline Client Communication: With customizable templates for onboarding, project communication, and invoicing, you can efficiently manage client relationships and expectations.

3. Boost Your Professional Image: High-quality templates will elevate your brand design business’s image, instilling trust and confidence in your clients.

4. Consistency Across Projects: With the Brand Style Guide template, you can ensure a consistent visual language for each branding project, enhancing the effectiveness and professionalism of your design work.

5. Foster Client Trust: The comprehensive Studio Guide and Welcome Guide templates help build trust and rapport with potential clients by showcasing your team, process, testimonials, and pricing in a clear, concise manner.

How to use the Brand Designer Starter Bundle:

1. Download the required Google Font (Jost) from the provided link.
2. Have a basic understanding of Adobe Illustrator to edit and tweak the templates.
3. Customize the templates with your brand design business’s information, offerings, and design style.
4. Export your designs as PDF files for easy sharing with your clients.

Please note that there are no refunds for digital template purchases under any circumstances. All products come with one editable layer. If you require assistance with your purchase, please contact [email protected].

Get a head start on your brand design business journey with the Brand Designer Starter Bundle – the ultimate collection of resources and templates to streamline your processes, elevate your professional image, and foster lasting client relationships.


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