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A Website for a local water park
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Client Overview

Splashtown Water Parks is an outdoor water park by Nickel Beach, Port Colborne, Ontario. The park offers unique, thrilling slides and fun activities for all ages. With an upcoming new location on Lake Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island, Splashtown needed a website that could effectively sell tickets and provide information about its multiple locations.


The client approached Ashbi Creative Studio with a broken website that required immediate attention. The site was not only in need of a quick fix but also a complete redesign. The client’s goal was to create a website that could effectively sell tickets to the water park and provide information about its multiple locations.


Ashbi Creative Studio used its SEO and WordPress + Elementor expertise to design a website that met the client’s needs. The team conducted thorough market research to understand potential customers’ demographics, preferences, and behaviour. This allowed them to develop effective marketing strategies tailored to the unique needs of the water park industry.

The new website was designed with a user-friendly ticket portal that could handle sales for multiple locations. The team also ensured the website was SEO-optimized to increase visibility and attract visitors.


After the first season, the client was able to add more locations to the website and improve the ticket portal. The new website design fixed the initial issues and enhanced the overall user experience, making it easier for customers to purchase tickets and find information about the different locations.

Future Plans

Ashbi Creative Studio has started using Google Ads to increase the visibility of Splashtown Water Parks further. The team plans to boost sales with social media ads in the upcoming summer season, leveraging the power of digital marketing to drive more traffic to the website and increase ticket sales.


The Splashtown Water Parks case study demonstrates Ashbi Creative Studio’s ability to transform a client’s online presence and elevate their brand. By leveraging digital marketing, web design, and branding solutions, Ashbi Creative Studio can help businesses experience unparalleled growth.

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Cameron Ashley

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