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1. Background

Keepers Commercial Cleaning, a local business, was grappling with a lack of visibility, ineffective lead generation, and an underperforming website. Recognizing the potential of a comprehensive digital strategy, they turned to Ashbi Creative Studio, a leading agency known for its digital marketing and web design solutions.

2. Problem Statement

Keepers Commercial Cleaning had a subpar online presence. Their website was not user-friendly, lacked SEO-optimized content, and they were not utilizing online advertising or targeted marketing outreach, all of which contributed to low website traffic, fewer leads, and lower conversions.

3. Ashbi Creative Studio’s Approach

After thoroughly auditing the existing website, Ashbi Creative Studio developed a multi-pronged strategy, incorporating web design, SEO, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, and organic email outreach.

Website Redesign: To enhance user engagement, Ashbi’s team redesigned the website, focusing on visual aesthetics, mobile-responsive design, and intuitive navigation.

SEO Optimization and Content Creation: Ashbi tackled SEO head-on, optimizing meta tags, header tags, and URLs and developing SEO-driven content filled with relevant keywords.

PPC Advertising: Recognizing the power of online advertising, Ashbi initiated a targeted Google Ads PPC campaign. This strategy aimed to supplement organic traffic with paid traffic, accelerating website visits.

Organic Email Outreach: To bolster lead generation, Ashbi launched an organic email outreach campaign. They crafted personalized email content targeting potential customers, fostering relationships, and effectively nudging them toward conversion.

4. Results

The digital strategies employed by Ashbi Creative Studio yielded significant results:

Boosted Website Traffic: Due to SEO and PPC efforts, Keepers Commercial Cleaning saw a remarkable 70% increase in website traffic within six months.

Increased Leads: The lead generation rate soared by 50%, with a significant contribution from the user-friendly website design and the organic email outreach campaign.

Successful PPC Campaign: The Google Ads PPC campaign delivered impressive results, contributing substantially to increased website traffic and leads. The campaign’s success demonstrated the power of combining organic SEO with targeted online advertising.

Effective Email Outreach: The organic email outreach strategy resulted in a steady stream of potential customers engaging with Keepers Commercial Cleaning, increasing conversions and business growth.

5. Conclusion

Ashbi Creative Studio’s comprehensive digital strategy – combining user-friendly web design, SEO optimization, PPC advertising, and organic email outreach – proved pivotal in transforming Keepers Commercial Cleaning’s digital presence. The significant increase in web traffic, lead generation, and overall user engagement underscore the potency of a multi-faceted digital marketing approach. This case shows businesses can thrive with a well-executed, diversified digital strategy.

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Cameron Ashley

Cameron Ashley

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